5 Reasons Why Your B2B Inbound Leads Suck

Admit it, they do.  Whether you bought them to line up to your cold-callers or they volunteered their information and requested a callback- you still need to improve your hit rate.  Here’s 5 things you’re doing wrong- and how to do them better.

1. Your qualification isn’t qualified.

As I’ve said in previous posts, proper qualification makes for proper business decisions.  Trying to decide if a lead has genuine interest should be the main goal of working the lead.  Does your qualification process point towards the attributes, qualifications, and behaviors of a buying customer, or does it point to a mythical “next stage?”

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How to be a Scumbag Salesperson

We’ve all met them- the used car guy who refuses to tell you the price until you’re at the negotiating table.  The telephone solicitor who calls promising free cruises during dinner- twice.  The office jockey who bounces from job to job, promising whatever it takes to make the sale- and then running for the door with the commission check.  Their internet fame is second only to Charlie and his finger biting.  Scumbag salespeople are everywhere- here’s how to become one in 3 easy steps:

1. Think of customers as dollar signs with orifices.


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How to Respond to Sales Objections

It’s too expensive.  I want to explore all options.  It seems like a lot of work.  I don’t have time right now.  I haven’t talked to my significant other.  I don’t like you.  I had a bad experience last time.  I need to ask my boss.  I’m ignoring you.  You don’t fit the specification I was hoping for.  I want the best possible deal.


There are lots of customer objections out there.  Learning to overcome them will boost your close rate no matter what industry you sell in.  Gaining the skills to deal with customer objections is an important career milestone, and is vital to closing competitive or large-dollar deals.

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How to sell more- Qualify, Qualify, Qualify.

I once talked to a new-ish salesperson on my team about a problem he was having with closing deals.  Let’s pretend his name was Richard.

Richard described working long hours and opening hundreds of new opportunities per month (more than anyone else on the team)- but his sales numbers weren’t increasing.  He rightfully wondered how he could sell more.  He had all the classic sales skills- a knack for getting people to talk to him, giant work ethic, and a great understanding of what he was selling.  I listened to a few of his calls and his prospects sounded legitimately excited.  We both struggled to see what was wrong until I started looking through his notes (edited for anonymity):

“Brandon is interested in our product.  Thinking he will buy sometime over the summer.  Very excited, loves the features.  Understands the benefit.”

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