The Fundamentals- Sales Skills for 21st Century Selling

Thanks to Cole (@COLESLAW927) for this week’s topic.

I’ve talked before about core sales skills and how to develop personal sales strategies– and today I want to talk about tools and processes.  The most persuasive, highly skilled salesperson in the world will do a poor job without the tools and habits that lead to success.  Here are a few lessons to get you on the right track.

Lesson 1: Don’t be a tool, use one instead.

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How to Negotiate (the boring, effective way)

Negotiation as a sales skill is commonly thought of as the ability to sway your customer onto your way of thinking- regardless of needs.  Sleazy salespeople are experts at this.  They use cheap conversational tricks and common logical fallacies to try and force agreement and get the win.  Fear tactics and selective inflexibility are their friend- and once the transaction is closed they disappear.  They treat sales meetings like hostage situations, and focus on getting rather than helping.  They’re obsessed with position and power- thinking only of themselves.  They make for really good entertainment on TV and in movies, but they’re just awful in real life.  I’ve written about them before- they’re scumbag salespeople.

Don’t be a scumbag.

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How to Become a Sales Closer

Thanks to Rob (@Recast_Rob) for the idea for this week’s topic.

To the inexperienced- closing the deal can be one of the most difficult parts of the sales cycle.  When should you ask for the purchase?  How can you accurately predict which deals will close and when?  What do you actually need to say to close the deal?  How can you become the legendary sales closer you think you can be?

First, let’s back up.  What you do to close depends on what you did to qualify.  Are you talking to the right person (better be at least a key influencer)?  Does the person you’re talking to have the budget for what you’re selling?  Does your customer understand and agree with the value of what you’re selling?  What business pain or business need are you satisfying?

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